Wednesday, July 17, 2013

El Tiempo Cantina - Houston, TX

Pork fajitas
Mexican cuisine is my food of choice whenever I visit Texas because is excellent, fresh and relatively inexpensive fare.  I would say that El Tiempo is on the pricier end with most entrees hovering between $12 - $30.  I felt that I got a great deal by ordering fajitas which I split with a friend.  For $24 you receive a half pound of the meat of your choice cooked to order. I opted for the pork option but guests can also order chicken or beef for the same price.  The half pound of beef tenderloin is slightly more expensive at $32.

The fajitas came out sizzling hot on a steaming, elevated skillet.  I ordered mine with the fajita topping, "Barry" which is an assortment of mushrooms, jalapenos, tomatoes, and onions with a white wine butter sauce.  The fajitas also come with rice, beans, pico de gallo, and cheddar cheese.  This smorgasbord of food is more than enough for two.  The meat was tender and moist and the vegetables that came with the fajitas were browned and sauteed to perfection.  The meal tasted fresh and was filling and satisfying.  The fajitas arrived within 10 minutes of ordering and our server was very attentive and efficient.  While you are waiting for your food you can enjoy snacking on the hot, toasty chips that are brought out and your choice of either a spicy salsa or a mild creamy cilantro dip.

Overall, a great dinner out in a casual, clean atmosphere.  The warm booth that we were seated in for our meal just added to the pleasant and cozy ambiance of the restaurant.  I would definitely recommend El Tiempo for any Tex-Mex lover.

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