Saturday, July 20, 2013

Crooked Tree Coffeehouse - Dallas, TX

Anyone looking for a great cup of coffee in the Dallas Metro area should look no further than Crooked Tree Coffeehouse.   The Coffeehouse is situated right near uptown in a remodeled house.  It is unassuming and quaint but the inside truly has a welcoming quality.   The coffee and pastry selection is small but the quality is great.  They make a champion cappuccino that is strong, bold, and smooth.  No lingering, bitter after-coffee taste here. 

The coffee is rich and luxurious and packs a powerful boost.  It is served on simple china and comes complete with beautiful latte art.  It has always been my firm opinion that a coffee shop that takes the time to make latte art will take the time to make a good cup of coffee as well.  This certainly holds true at Crooked Tree.  The coffee is almost too beautiful to drink, but drink it you will, and you will probably go back for another cup too!

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