Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mussel & Burger Bar - Louisville, KY

I recently visited the acclaimed Mussel and Burger bar.  As with any food joint that is raved about in the local press, I was eager and excited to try this place out.  The vibe walking into the restaurant is one of causal elegance.  Customers walk through an awning into a a restaurant that spills out into several sections.  The red carpet and lighting within the space almost gives the air of fine dining, yet the booths and casual place settings keep the restaurant from being pretentious.  I was seated quickly in a booth off to the side and presented with formidable menu listing....surprise surprise! mussels and burgers! Don't feel as though you are limited to just these two items though.  For the non seafaring or beef eating customer you can still grab a chicken sandwich or small appetizer.  All I wanted to taste was the specialty that was offered- mussels and burgers!
Moules Basquaise

The menu is large so take careful time to review all your options.  You can stay safe with a basic cheeseburger and lemon marinated mussels or you can stretch your taste buds with a lamb tzatziki burger and greek themed mussels.  I chose to enjoy the Moules Basquaise which are mussels in a chorizo, olive oil, lobster, piquillo pepper, and onion broth.  I also tasted the CEO.  This burger was chosen both for its prodigious name and glorious toppings which include Gruyere cheese, truffle aioli, caramelized onions, baby arrugula, confit tomatoes, and steak truffle fries.

Truffle steak fries
The food arrived rapidly and was very hot.  The burger was sinfully delicious and the truffle aioli was a pleasant treat with the steak fries.  Make no mistake- the fries are none to be trifled with.  They are large and "rough cut" and are more like potato wedges than french fries.  The mussels can be ordered in a small or large portion and arrive absolutely swimming in broth.  The mussels were tender and perfectly cooked as was the burger.  And the sauce that the mussels were simmering was divine-spicy with hints of herbs and tomatoes and absolutely delectable.

This restaurant absolutely surpassed my expectations! The service was fast and friendly and the food was tasty, hot, fresh and creative.  Congratulations Louisville! The Mussel and Burger bar just helped take your foodie vibe up a notch.