Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Clinton Vineyards- Clinton Corners, NY

An afternoon jaunt to Clinton Corners was the perfect addition to my weekend not too long ago.  Driving to Clinton Corners is quite beautiful as the road to this vineyard meanders through the countryside, taking the happy traveler through many quaint towns and small farms.  The vineyard and tasting room itself are quite small but the staff is incredibly hospitable.

The vineyard offers a tasting of 5-6 wines for the price of $10.  Mostly this vineyard offers sweeter wines and champagnes made in the traditional methode champenoise fashion.  I was not particularly enamored with any of the champagnes as they were all incredibly sweet for my taste and lacked complexity and nuance.

The one wine I really enjoyed was the Seyval Blanc 2010.  It had a lot of fruit notes in the body, especially green apple.  It is defnitely a delicious sipping wine for a hot summer afternoon.  If you find yourself in the Clinton Corners area, pick yourself up a bottle and go enjoy on your porch!

Clifton Corners vineyard

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