Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bourgogne Pinot Noir

On the search for a lighter red to drink during summer, I managed to score success with a French Pinot Noir I recently discovered. The wine is a 2010 Josephine Dubois - Bourgogne Pinot Noir and it is the color of dark Bing cherries.  Not only does it look beautiful in the glass with its rich, almost burgundy color, but it also smells delightful.  The nose of the wine has plenty of red fruits including strawberries and raspberries and it also has just a hint of chocolate.  This low tannin wine has an excellent mid-palate and is incredibly smooth.  The chocolate taste of the wine will pair beautifully with chocolate covered strawberries.  The medium body of the wine will pair with a medium bodied cheese like Gruyere or Camembert.  I would dub this Pinot Noir as slightly richer and fuller than other Pinots but it is still enjoyable on its own without food. It is a real bargain at about $9 a bottle.

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