Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Silver Dollar - Louisville, KY

Want a great little place to grab drinks with a friend and also score some awesome food? You're in luck- good drinks meet fine, local food at this little establishment off Frankfort Avenue.  The Silver Dollar at first glance looks like a bar with your basic bar food.  But do not be fooled by the casual ambiance.  The menu is quite substantial and almost all of the beef offerings can be tailored to include grass-fed beef only.  
The Ultimate

On my last visit there I enjoyed "The Ultimate" which is two beef patties with cheese sandwiched in between two grilled cheese sandwiches and finished with fries.  While this meal may have sent my cholesterol soaring it was quite delicious. And they have many other options for lighter fare including salads and sides.  

A drink menu displays their signature cocktails but almost any mixed drink, beer, or wine can be enjoyed here too.  The service is very fast if you come late (around 10-11) but don't expect it to be quite as fast if you come at the dinner hour.   The only downside to this delightful bar is that at peak or busy hours it is almost impossible to hold a conversation as the sound carries and reverberates within this building.  However, if you come later to enjoy some nibbles and a few drinks with friends the ambiance is quiet and relaxing.  This is a great place to eat a late dinner or just hang out.

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