Sunday, June 7, 2015

River City Winery - New Albany, IN

2013 Vegh Davis Vignoles
Wine in Indiana? Seems like an unlikely fit for a state known mostly for corn.  However, River City Winery may take you by surprise.  Is the wine on par with your Napa or Sonoma winery? Maybe not. But the wine is surprisingly good for local fare plus you can get a good meal!  I visited River City Winery just this past weekend with a friend of mine.  We were looking for a local joint where we could grab a bite, be served, without being saddled with an enormous bill.  River City fulfills all of these criteria and then some.

When you walk into the winery you are greeted by a hostess who ushers you immediately into the large eating/bar area. The walls are made of exposed brick, with one wall taken up almost entirely by a bar stocked with (you guessed it) River City Wine.  The tables are scattered, but not crammed, within the main dining area, although you can also be seated in a private room off to the side.  My friend and I were seated at a high top almost immediately and greeted by our effusive, eager-to-please waitress.  Since I was torn as to which white wine to order, the waitress gave me ample tastings of two so I could make an educated decision.  I decided on a delicious white, the 2013 Vegh Davis Vignoles.  It was sweet but not cloyingly so and had notes of pear and honey as well as a long finish.

Spinach salad with chicken, feta, and bacon vinaigrette

The wine went beautifully with my dinner, a spinach salad with lemon infused chicken and bacon vinaigrette.  The salad was delicate, flavorful, and really hit the spot.  I definitely recommend it if you are seeking a lighter meal.  The wine was brought to the table promptly as was the food.  Our waitress was sweet and attentive but she did not "hover" (one my pet peeves at restaurants).  Throughout most of our meal we were able to enjoy the live strumming and singing of a local guitar player.  It all added to the casual elegant vibe being displayed by the winery.
Your fearless blogger, happy with wine.

This restaurant/winery also has a great price point.  All the entrees are between $7-$15 for dinner and under $10 for lunch.  The wine is, at maximum, $15/bottle and last night the wine was 20% off! You definitely can't ask for a deal better than that.  If you are looking to leave Louisville without traveling too far I definitely recommend River City Winery.  It is nestled in the heart of downtown New Albany, and is easy to find.  Parking is on the street but not difficult to come by.  So Kentuckians take a break from your bourbon - if you can - and check out this winery the next time you are looking for a drink!

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